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A school in Kurigram shoal spreads the light of education

Bashundhara Shuvosangho School Spreading Light of Education in Kurigram Shoal

Jalankerkuthi is a tiny shoal island surrounded by the Brahmaputra River. The shoal is located in the country’s one of the most impoverished upazila Ulipur in Kurigram district. Due to the lack of a school there, local children had no access to education. The children of poor families remained deprived of the light of education.

Considering the plight of these innocent children, Bashundhara Shuvosangho School was launched in the beginning of this year. Bashundhara Group has financed the school. Currently, 40 students are studying there. As they were unable to educate their children earlier, the children’s parents and guardians remained a bit frustrated. Getting a school, they started dreaming anew. Their children are now learning at Bashundhara Shuvosangho School. Centering the children, their parents and guardians now see a light of hope.

Shoal inhabitant Haider Ali is a grocer by profession. As there was no school at the shoal, he sent his two children to their maternal grandfather’s house. He cherished a hope that his children would one day receive higher education, but his dream was not fulfilled. He married off his daughter at a tender age.

Haider Ali said he tried his best for his children’s education, adding that, “As there was no school at the isolated shoal, they had to attend school at a distant place. It was not at all safe for them. Now, my children will be able to study in this school. Bashundhara Group has done a good job.”

Talking to a group of local elders, it has been learnt that Ulipur is the largest upazila in Kurigram district. The location of the Brahmaputra and the Dharla is to the south of this upazila, while the location of the Teesta is to the west of it. Jalankerkuthi is around 16 km off the upazila town. The shoal emerged 24 years ago, and people started living there gradually. There was no educational facility here. Presently, around 400 families live at the shoal. Agriculture is their lone profession.

A school in Kurigram shoal spreads the light of education

Despite the passage of two eras, the light of education did not reach here. Because of lack of education, the lives of the soft-hearted children remained submerged in darkness. Buraburi union is situated to the north of Jalankerkuthi shoal, while Hatia union is situated to the south of it. Being inhabitants of two unions, they remained almost neglected. As there was no government or non-government school at nearby places, parents and guardians were reluctant to send their children to school far away from their houses.

Consequently, most of the children of the shoal remained illiterate. According to their parents and guardians, Bashundhara Group launched a school at the shoal in the beginning of this year. “Actually, this is not a school. It has enabled us to dream. From the chore of our hearts, we pray for Bashundhara Group. May Allah bless them for their noble deed!” said a parent.

Manju Mia, 8, a student of Shuvosangho School, said, “Earlier, I could not study due to the lack of a school at our shoal. Now, we can learn following the establishment of a school. I come to the school regularly. Students of nearby shoals also attend the school. I feel well for it.”
Another student named Sadia said, “Alongside books, khatas and pencils, the school has supplied us new shirts, shoes and bags. Learning from the school, we want to get proper education. We want to be noble people.”

Another learner, Mariam Khatun, said, “We can easily understand the contents of our books due to the relentless efforts of our teachers. Being able to study in Shuvosangho School, we are happy indeed!”
A resident of adjacent Babur Char, Abdus Salam, said, “Bashundhara Group has established a school at Jalankerkuthi. Because of it, we have been immensely benefited. My nephew also reads in the school. Earlier, I could not educate him due to the lack of a school. I cherish the desire to enrol my nephew at a school located in the town.”      
Bashundhara Shuvosangho School teachers, Abu Sayeed and Shahnaz Begum, said local residents are eager to educate their children. They regularly send their children to school. Every day, cent percent children attend the school. They happily learn from here.

Ulipur Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Md Ataur Rahman said, “Jalankerkuthi is a remote shoal. As there was no educational institute at nearby places, Bashundhara Group, the country's largest industrial conglomerate, has set up a school here.
“Shuvosangho School has created an opportunity of learning for the soft-hearted children of the locality. This school is now spreading the light of education all over. Through their noble deeds, Bashundhara Group works for the welfare of the country and its people.  May Almighty Allah bless Bashundhara Group.”

SOURCE : Daily Sun